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To reduce CO2 emissions into the atmosphere, it is critical to identify and deploy economically and environmentally attractive technologies. The deployment of capture and sequestration technologies that only involve cost for every ton of CO2 captured will be a significant burden to society and are likely unsustainable. Calera believes that environmental sustainability can be and should be coupled with economic sustainability with focus on clean technologies that are compelling stand alone economic business cases.


Calera developed a CO2 conversion to materials technology that captures and sequesters CO2 with a sustainable economic case. Using this technology, it is possible to produce construction materials that are “green” with superior performance characteristics, such as weight and strength. Because of the ability to generate reactive calcium carbonates with unique properties, Calera’s CO2 mineralization process is a rare technology where the business models exists today to make CO2 sequestration commercially attractive in certain applications. In these cases, the economic feasibility is underpinned by the actual sale of better products that contain sequestered CO2 as opposed to the price of CO2 itself.