Calera’s CO2 capture and conversion pilot plants produced up to 2 tonnes of CO2 containing calcium carbonate product per day using raw flue gas with no concentration of CO2 needed.



Calera designed, constructed and operated two pilot plants to develop the CO2 capture and conversion technologies. These demonstrations included flue gas from power plants and burning coal, without concentrating the CO2. The flue gas is contacted in a scrubber with an aqueous alkaline solution that effectively removes the CO2 and a calcium source that results in the formation of the special calcium carbonate product that is then dried to a free flowing powder. This powder can then be used to make products, like boards, because of the special cementing nature of the calcium carbonate.



Calera also installed a commercial fiber cement board line to refine formulations to produce full size fiber cement board sheets that are lighter than conventional board products with equivalent performance properties.