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CaCO2Calera’s Calcium Carbonate, made from CO2, can be used in a variety of applications. The material is produced as a fine free-flowing white powder. It can function as a supplementary cementitous material (SCM) in traditional concrete mixes where the environmentally sustainable calcium carbonate can replace a portion of portland cement, helping reduce the overall carbon footprint of traditional concrete. The Calera calcium carbonate can also be used as the sole cement or binder system in concrete products. Calera developed wallboard and cement board products where the unique binder can be used instead of gypsum, magnesium oxide, calcium silicate or portland cement.


Calera Calcium Carbonate was used as a supplementary cementitous material in several projects including sidewalks in a local municipality and flatwork in a commercial office building where it replaced approximately 15% of portland cement in the concrete mixture.


The unique calcium carbonate cement made in the Calera process can be used without any other cement or binder system to make concrete products. Calera demonstrated the ability to make a variety of decorative concrete products such as countertops, plant holders and benches. The products contain traditional sand and aggregate all held together in a concrete mix by the calcium carbonate cement. Calera also produced full fiber cement board sheets on a commercial line, exceeding strength requirements with formulations that are lighter weight than many existing cement board products.